The Epic Privacy Browser

An Overview of Epic's Features

How Epic Works: A Brief Introduction to a Few Key Features

Optional Always-On Private Browsing

Use Epic in normal and private browsing mode, or keep Epic in an always-on private browsing mode.

No Tracking

Epic blocks eleven different ways from ID numbers to server-based services which are used to know what you browsed

One-Click Encrypted Proxy

Click the red open socket icon to turn on Epic's built-in Encrypted Proxy. This hides your IP address and encrypts all your data when you want to be very private. Turn the Encrypted Proxy on/off at the far right of the address bar. Please make sure to enable Epic's Encrypted Proxy / VPN via the Extensions page.

Ads, Trackers, Fingerprinters & Third-party Cookies Blocked

Trackers are companies that track where and what you browse on the internet. They may associate your online data with offline data and sell your data and or use it to show you targeted ads. Epic was the first and is still the best browser that actively blocks thousands of trackers. Please make sure to enable Epic's Ad Blocker via the Extensions page.

Encrypted Data Preference

If available, Epic will use
an https version of the website(s) you visit so
that data sent and received is encrypted.

Unified Umbrella Button with Granular Controls

In case a site you visit doesn't work, you may need to adjust Epic's
settings for that particular website. Click on the umbrella icon and try
turning off one or more of Epic's settings for that site to make
it load correctly.