Epic Privacy Browser - Privacy Policy

Privacy and transparency are important to us. Epic's mission is to provide fast, private and unfiltered internet access to our users. We're writing this in plain english so it's very clear how Epic works. This is to our knowledge the most honest privacy policy of any software company to date and we hope a model for others. Almost all other privacy and other software companies may detail how they handle your data (that they don't save it), but they don't explicitly write about their partners or who they share your data with which may or may not be legally accurate but is still dishonest. We have fought for years for true privacy and honesty and will continue to do so.

We do not collect nor store nor share any personal or browsing data from the Epic Browser or usage of it. Except for the video download and proxy services which are web services, the only data that is transferred either to or from your system to our servers are updates of the Epic Privacy Browser. Updates never have any personally identifiable data, usage data, browsing data, or similar data.

We do not store user, personal, browsing or other data in respect to our encrypted proxy or the video download web service. The only indirect metrics we have about Epic usage are through our search partner data, minimal proxy bandwidth usage data (so we know when to add more servers), and through a count of the number of downloads. When you visit epicbrowser.com, our server does log your visit with minimal data and when you download epic, a counter is increased.

We do not share any data with Yahoo or its related entities, but they do support Epic through a search partnership. (Side Note: we held out for true, free private search as long as we could. We simply couldn't continue to pay for development of Epic and the several hundred servers powering our encrypted proxy without this partnership and charging for the EpicSearch service at our scale. True, free private search is not possible today unfortunately, and we have written about that elsewhere.) As part of the contractual requirements of the search partnership, Yahoo search is white-listed from Epic's encrypted proxy. Yahoo search and other Yahoo sites are white-listed from Epic's AdBlock. Upon ad click in Yahoo Search, both Epic's AdBlock and Proxy are disabled for several seconds. No other sites are by default white-listed from either the Encrypted Proxy or AdBlock services.

EpicSearch.in has no ads and is not white-listed from Epic's Encrypted proxy. It sends only your search query to Yandex to retrieve search results and absolutely no other information. It neither stores nor shares user or search data. It is intuitively what one would expect from a private search engine.

Epic is built on Chromium for Windows, Mac and Android and does remove all Google tracking and Google services. Epic for desktop does include the Widevine plugin which was acquired by Google and is required for video playback for many sites such as Netflix and others. In order for Widevine to work, it does make a server call (to check for updates) often on open of the browser. This is unavoidable according to their design of Widevine. We never share any data with Google, are entirely independent, and have a minimal relationship with them due to Epic containing Widevine at this time.

The latest Agreement under which your privacy policy of the Epic Browser is bound will be available at www.epicbrowser.com/privacy-policy.

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Hidden Reflex and you concerning the subject matter hereof, and it may only be modified by a written amendment signed by an authorized executive of Hidden Reflex.