You run your business in the cloud. SaaS Applications save money, maximize flexibility, and improve security and data control.


There's one problem. How secure is the software that you use to access your SaaS applications?

Accessing sensitive data in an unsecured browser is a data breach waiting to happen. There are multiple vulnerabilities in any unsecured browser that can be exploited by a motivated attacker.

Until you secure your browser, your enterprise is simply not secure.

Epic Enterprise Secure Browser. the end of malware.

Get rid of malware threats foreever. Epic's customized-for-your-organization secure browser solution isolates your web applications and data so malware can't get to them.

Isolation is the key framework for thinking about endpoint protection. Detection has failed, assume that the system is compromised. In that situation are your critical applications still secure? Epic will be.

Easily Deployed. Easy to use for end-users. No Compatibility Issues. We can support any OS as well as multiple browser engines & platforms.

The most cost-effective, usable, secure browser solution. Epic is lightweight, fast, and ad-free--the browsing experience users love.

Built with trusted and well supported open source technology from Oracle:


Using Costly Virtual Desktops?
Get more flexibility & more security. Save a lot of money.

  • We can build secure web browsers for the internet, for your intranet or other corporate applications, as well as stand-alone browsers for individual web applications that look like desktop applications.
  • Instead of spending hundreds of dollars per user for costly virtual desktop solutions, spend pennies per seat per day to get more easily deployed, secure browser delivered applications.

Locked Down Browser

  • no add-ons allowed.
  • tabs & plug-ins sandboxed and regulated.
  • browsing data encrypted.
  • browsing data constantly flushed.

application integrity / isolation from browser attacks

Encrypted Network Browsing
(yours,ours or hybrid)

  • no network hijacking.
  • no dns poisoning.
  • no company ip-address targeted attacks.
  • privacy protected.

isolation from network hijacking and targeting

Hardware Keylogger Protection

  • Virtual keyboard option in textboxes for highly sensitive login and password inputs.
  • protects against hardware keyloggers.

protection from hardware attacks

Isolation through Virtulization

  • isolated from the operating system as browser runs in a virtual machine. Isolated from system infections and advanced persistent threats.

isolation from APTs/ operation system infections

Strong Anti-Fingerprinting and Privacy Protections

  • blocks 1000s of trackers.
  • webrtc leaks blocked (your IP data leaks even through a VPN).
  • many core browser changes to thwart devices fingerprinting.
  • malvertising blocked.

strong privacy & no ad-driven attacks

Locked Down Browser

  • Malicious URL Whitelist & Large Address Bar as hundreds of thousands of new phishing & malicious urls appear daily, protection is essential.
  • tests suspicious urls against dozens of malicious url identification services.
  • drives user location awareness.

novel anti-phishing malicious url protection.