The Epic Privacy Browser is now available for your iPhone and iPad.

VPN for the Browser.

Free. Unlimited. Strict No-Logging. Seven country support for iOS (France coming soon).

Always-On Private / Incognito Browsing.

No Browsing History.

Easy Menu-Based "Close All Tabs & Delete Data" Option.

Password & Bookmark Support.

Tracker Count. Granular, Site-Based Privacy Settings Controls.

See the thousands of trackers Epic blocks in an average browsing session.


You can encrypt and hide files in Epic's Encrypted Vault.

Encrypted Connection / HTTPS Preference.

AdBlock / Tracker Blocking / Cryptomining Blocking.

Audio Queue.

Epic is the first-ever mobile browser that can read a set of webpages to you. Add webpages or news articles into your audio queue, then Epic uses iOS's text-to-speech to read them to you.

Video Downloading.

Reader Mode.

Convert webpages to text mode for easy reading.

Fingerprinting Protection.

Epic for iOS blocks tracking via device and browser fingerprinting.