Custom Web Browser & Browser Add-On/Extension Development.

As a corporation, do you need a secure web browser to prevent data breaches and attacks?

Do you need a private web browser in which competitors and others can't spy on your employees' web activity?

Do you need specific add-ons, plugins, policies, network or other settings in your company's web browser?

As a consumer facing company, do you need a customized web browser to engage and serve your users?

If your clients, customers, agents, or employees are accessing your applications in an ordinary web browser, your data is at risk.

We're browser security and privacy experts. We've been building chromium-based and mozilla-based browsers for over six years which have been used by millions. Let us build a secure, private browser or browser add-on to protect your enterprise.

To discuss your needs and how we can help you, please contact our founder directly: alok at hiddenreflex dot com