Get the Epic Privacy Browser for Android from the Play Store or via Direct Download

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Download the Epic for Android APK (ARM devices) directly for Kindle Fire and Other Devices

Epic for Android brings the Same Privacy Protections you've enjoyed for years on your PC or Mac to your Android Devices. Epic for Android is free with the same unlimited, free browser VPN/encrypted proxy and has no in-app purchases.

Epic users, if you love Epic for Android, please do rate Epic 5 stars in the Play Store and share Epic with your friends, family and followers. We depend on your support. With it, we will be able to invest in more country-support for the free VPN, more services, and more frequent updates. Thank you!

Here are some of the features you'll enjoy in Epic for Android. Note there are some unique accessibility features such as our Audio Queue which are mobile-specific.

✴ Built on Chromium for Fantastic Performance, Tab Swiping, and Security.

✴ File Vault. Encrypt any files you download or store on your Android device to protect your privacy.

✴ AdBlock. Install it for free via the Epic Extensions store. Epic was the first browser to block cryptomining scripts and now offers that protection to Android users. Epic's AdBlock blocks ads, trackers, cryptomining scripts, and popups.

✴ Encrypted Proxy (VPN for the browser). Install our Encrypted Proxy for free via the Epic Extensions store. Our Encrypted Proxy is essentially a free, unlimited VPN for the browser with servers in eight countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore and India. Strict no-logging.

✴ Audio Queue. On the road? Going for a run? Add webpages to Epic's audio queue and Epic will read the articles to you. Epic is the first-ever web browser to use Android's text-to-speech support for this accessibility feature.

✴ Fingerprinting Protection. Epic blocks multiple fingerprinting techniques.

✴ HTTPS Everywhere / Encrypted Connection Preference. Epic tries to connect to websites using an encrypted connection whenever possible.

✴ Always-On Private / Incognito Browsing. No browsing history.

✴ Easy Menu-based "Close All Tabs & Delete Data" Option.

✴ Granular, Site-Based Privacy Settings Controls. If a site isn't working, you can disable ad & tracker blocking (if you've installed adblock) as well as other privacy protections. If a site is slow or questionable, you can disable scripts for a site (note this is an advanced setting that may suppress some or all site functionality depending on the website).

✴ Tracker Count. See how many trackers are blocked in your browsing sessions when AdBlock is installed (typically thousands!).

✴ Bookmark Support. Save sites you'd like to refer to later.

✴ Password Saving Support. Optional. Save passwoards for sites of your choice.

✴ Reader Mode Button. Convert pages to text-only for easy reading.

✴ Built-in Video Downloader. Download videos from many websites (YouTube is not supported due to Google policies) via an option in Epic's menu.

✴ User-Set Dials on the New Tab Page. Set each dial on Epic's new tab page to one of your choice. No browsing history to analyze or report on your "most visited sites".

Android users, we hope you'll love the faster, more private and convenient "Epic" browsing experience. Give it a spin and let us know what you think - send feedback and any questions to at hiddenreflex dot com. In case you need an x86 APK, email us and we'll be able to get that to you as well.